Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why should you use the best ingredients?

Its simple, the best tasting food contains the best tasting ingredients.
At Pacdon Park we only use the very best ingredients, locally grown, free range and organic where ever possible. When looking at each of our honourable products, you can see why.
Listed are some of the keys assets to our range
Beautiful British Bangers
- Natural Skins [...]

Murray Now - E-Newsletter 2010/3

Pacdon Park have today featured in the ‘Murray Now’ e newsletter as their lead
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War of the Roses (Smallgood style)

Several uses spring to mind when wondering what to do with a black pudding. Up in Lancashire (North West of England for those that don’t know) there’s a fashion for hurling them at a wall - during the Black Pudding Throwing Championships, held at the Royal Oak Public House in Ramsbottom.
As part of the tournament, [...]

“Sausages & More” at Tony Tan’s Cooking Class

On the 31st July we will be presenting ‘Sausages and More’ at Tony Tan’s Cooking class, rated 17th best cooking class on the planet by the Financial Times (UK). If you want to learn about what we at Pacdon Park do when making our sort after range, look at booking online at
Certainly a treat [...]